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The lovely blank canvas setting with Mt. Rainier in the backdrop provides an amazing location for outdoor weddings as couples begin the next chapter of their story. We have several different areas on the property for your unique event. Tents, chairs, and other needed items can be organized based on your needs and worked out through event package agreements.

Events & Galas

​Skysong is great for group activities from family gatherings to corporate events. The gardens and mountain offer the perfect setting for photography, outdoor day trips, garden walks, painting, meditation and prayer groups, and horticulture walks to name a few. We want to make your outdoor event special and unique.

Photoshoots within the Garden

Skysong is truly a wonderland of colors, spaces, and art. The layers of topography create unique perspectives that will entice the eye of any photographer. Each garden space provides their own character as a backdrop for individual portraits, group, or family photos, or simply capturing nature at work. Come explore what Skysong has to offer!

" An estate garden is an extended family in which time is measured in generations."

~Paige Rense

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