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Recent Stories:

Each event in our lives generates a story that we share with others.  Skysong began with an idea and as it evolved, so did our stories.  We got a Japanese Maple from a friend re-landscaping his yard and the best part was that he drove down in the night to bring it to the farm.  A palm tree came that was blocking a friends view at their home, whereupon  Uncle Mel and Grandma Mary went and manually dug it up!  Yard art came here from purposeful purchases to cool finds we stumbled upon or items crafted from the imagination.  People and things have been a part of our evolution and we hope to bring that engaging energy into your event and the making of your own new story/creation...……………….

Fourth of July [2020]

This year we gathered at the house to share in some close family fun, food, and games. The displays this year were amazing and we enjoyed a show for over two hours. It was great to see all the kids enjoying the show and having a chance to light a few fireworks of their own. Next year we look forward to seeing the shows grow. 

Ole Daisy

It all started with an Offerup posting for Yardart. The next step was to find a way to get it safely from Buckley to the Farm. We were not able to see the car right away so we asked Al Garske a family friend who restores old cars  if we might be able to make this work. With his help and the help of a close friend we were able to make this possible. Many thanks go to Charles Grimmer (Owner) of PSP (Professional Stone Products) and Adam who helped pickup and deliver Ole Daisy to her newest location. We look forward to seeing Ole Daisy each time we come home and cannot wait to share her story with those who come to the farm in the future. 

Honey Bees

Notice how clean my bee suit is, that means I am a newbie and there are more stories to come.  

Dragon Pillar

Sometimes it all begins with a small purchase of a dragon statue that mom wanted to see from her bedroom. Scrap rock was collected (special thanks to Bret Ratfield of Alpine Nursery and Landscape), and a pillar design was constructed. Every piece of stone that was collected in the one trip was used and, in the end, a small pillar for the dragon to sit on was created. Now it has a place to be viewed while keeping an eye on the magnolia lawn.

Post Hole Digging

During the winter with the snow loads and freezing conditions, sometimes it is enough to bring down a fence. Snow on the ground and land filled with rocks the size of potatoes, a fence post gets dug and replaced. Mary and Jeanne had their work cut out for them but in the end, the post was replaced, and the fence repaired. Always something to do on the farm even when its winter.

Lion Steps

While driving around one day we found these two beautiful lions who needed a new home as they had been watching cars all day and night for years. After some thought and design coordination they were purchased to serve as sentinels. It took a lot of coordination to get them home and with the help of neighbors it was done. They reached their new home and would have to sit once again watching cars along a road but this time it was only temporary. We got some base foundations put in place and then got the lions lifted into place. Now they have the sun on their backs and a gorgeous view towards the mountain. Their story is not over but they have come a long way in the last year.

"Although the hand of man is not visible, his spirit remains as long as the plants he planted grow & scatter their seed."

~Jens Jensen

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